Could It Really Be Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Always Tired, Tired, Chronic Fatigue SyndromeHow can you tell if you are really showing some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia (FM)? After all, there are some other conditions that have very similar symptoms to FM and often get confused with it. What are some of these?

  • Lyme disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus
  • HIV
  • Hypothyroidism

So, how is someone supposed to know if it is actually FM or another condition? Well, a study was conducted of twenty-three patients who suffered from fibromyalgia. Here is a list of some of their symptoms, in order of the most common to the least common. These are additional things to look for when a person suspects he or she might have fibromyalgia.

  • Pain throughout the body
  • Extreme tiredness, usually in the morning
  • Stiffness
  • Sleep issues
  • Exhaustion after physical or mental exercise
  • Abnormal headaches
  • Numbness, tingling, or a swelling sensation in tissues
  • Problems thinking and making decisions
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitivity to noise

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Kissimmee fibromyalgia specialist

  • Problems with bowels and bladder
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood changes
  • Heart fluttering or palpitations
  • Restlessness in the legs
  • Twitchy muscles
  • Itching
  • Sweating at night
  • Problems breathing
  • Depression

If these symptoms seem familiar, a person may wonder what to do next? A very good place to begin is by making an appointment to see an upper cervical chiropractor. Why?

How Upper Cervical Chiropractors Can Help with Fibromyalgia

A misalignment in one of the top two vertebrae of the neck may be the underlying cause of some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Even the smallest of misalignments, only a quarter of a millimeter, can wreak havoc on the entire body. A misalignment in this area affects not only the neck but the central nervous system. It places stress on the spinal cord, which causes signals being sent to and from the body and brain to become distorted. This is often the reason for the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Once these misalignments are corrected, a person can begin to heal. Many of our patients have reported feeling much better after only a few visits with us. The above-mentioned study is further proof that upper cervical care does work!

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