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pancake-familyMigraines. Allergies. Sleep Apnea and constant sinus pressure. These severe symptoms affected his entire life during primary school, high school and undergraduate education.  It was common for the migraine symptoms to affect his vision, hearing, facial nerves and last for days while he was unable to work, go to school, compete in sports or function on any level.  He looked for help from primary care doctors, neurologists and allergy specialists.  The suffering lasted for 18 years, this left him fatigued, hopeless and thinking that he would have to accept this as his ‘normal’.  After years of using over-the-counter medicine, allergy medicine, anti-nausea medication, migraine medicine, pain medicine the temporary relief was running out and he was desperate and willing to try anything.  A friend who was attending chiropractic school offered him help during a migraine attack.  Having no experience or knowledge of what chiropractic was the results spoke volumes.  The adjustment stopped the migraine within a few hours.  Within the first week, his energy was building.  After two weeks the sinus pressure began to wane and by the end of the second month, allergy symptoms were gone.  This led him to investigate the profession of Chiropractic and consider this as a career.

He knew as a child that he wanted a career helping people in the health industry, he had already completed a BS in Biology, although he believed this would be in the field of orthopedic medicine.  Within 12 months of his experience with chiropractic, he began his doctorate study and quickly learned how and why his health changed so dramatically with chiropractic care.  Several classmates shared their knowledge of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic and this made him look deeper into the study of specific chiropractic.  This motivated him to pursue the most precision work available in the profession today, upper cervical specific chiropractic care.

He graduated with both clinical and academic honors while working with the student athletes and studying sports injury management.

He continued his education and became Board Certified in Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic.  He chose to return to his home in Kissimmee, FL and open Pancake Wellness Center with the help of his family and friends.  He is married to his best friend Pam and together they are raising and homeschooling their four children.

When time allows they enjoy fishing, biking, swimming, soccer, rowing, racquetball, horseback riding, music, falconry,  and camping.

He is involved with international missions trips to evangelize, help build churches and provide care to those in need.

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