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Kissimmee Chiropractor Reviews

“My experience has been great! Dr. Pancake is keeping this 88 year old moving.” -Anonymous

“Dr. Pancake and his loving staff are courteous and kind always. Dr. Pancake helps my aches and pain go away I am stiff when I come in and relaxed when I leave.” -Anonymous

“I went to an orthopedic for a space of ten years with shoulder problems to no avail. I received several shots of 2 different kinds of damaging meds that had no positive effect for my problem. I was told about Dr. Pancake and decided to give it a shot. My atlas of course was out and therefore causing my shoulder problems. Within the first visit and a couple of days of rest I was back to good health. My shoulder has never hurt or bothered me since. It’s been 2 to 3 years now. Thank you Dr. Pancake He is my hero!” -Noemi

“Whenever I start to get a dizzy feeling that won’t go away I know I need an adjustment. I also get a feeling of fullness in my ear I notice improvement within hours of getting a treatment. I suffer with dizziness and spinning sensations for years until I found atlas orthogonal treatment. I am so glad that I found these treatments! “-Anonymous

“When we start a new year some of us reflect on the past year and count our blessings. Dr. Scott Pancake has been one of my biggest blessings that keep me up and walking with my head on straight. He cares for us spiritually as well as physically. I praise God for such a fine man.” –Myrtle Emmitt

“I came to Pancake Wellness Center feeling broken and hopeless. During my initial visit Dr. Pancake had given me more hope in one day than any physician had given me in two years! With each visit thereafter, Dr. Pancake has worked on one area after the next ( I have problems in my cervical, thoracic and lumbar) and I have felt tremendous improvement with each visit. Dr. Pancake is amazing!” – Aubrey Arneson

“How Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic has helped me:
I have been seeing Dr. Pancake for 3 or 4 years now and my lower back has never been better. Historically I have had lower lumbar problems since 1976 from a weight lifting accident. Since then I have been practically married to the chiropractic adjustment process 1x per week to every 5 weeks with the pain returning shortly after the adjustment. They will last 1 week at best before numbness would return to my right leg followed shortly by mild to moderate pain and tingling in the leg. When I started with Dr. Pancake he had to adjust my atlas a few times but after that it has held in place and my lower back has improved dramatically. Today I hardly ever feel any symptoms in my lower back. I thoroughly support and encourage anyone to employ this chiropractic methodology for superior back alignment results.”- Paul Budesheim

“I have only been here 3 times but after I get adjusted I wake up feeling so much better I get out of my daily pain thanks to Dr. Pancake” -Anonymous

“I lived many years with lower back pain, medical doctors have treated me with no luck. Ten years ago I came to Pancake Wellness Center Dr. Scott is blessed and God guided. He treated my body and I was healed. Life without pain! ( I preach Pancake Wellness Center to the public) thank you for my life without pain and NO surgery. I am blessed”- Cheril Butler

“I have been coming to Dr. Pancake’s office for about a year. Monthly visits have increased my knowledge of my health. His staff is wonderful”- Doris Swanson

“After a motorcycle accident the Medical Doctor said I would NEVER be able to use my foot. Dr. Pancake and God had different plans. Life without pain, thank you.”-David Butler

“Dr. Pancake has provided treatment that has helped me recover from a car accident. My car was totaled and the pain was/ has been miserable. Dr. Pancake has provided me with so much relief I am well on my way to recovery. Thank you Dr. Pancake”-Anonymous

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